Nobel is one of the global telecommunications market leaders

We sell physical phone cards in North America and Romania through our distribution system and virtual phone cards worldwide. Our services also include a personalized SMS platform and call center solutions for companies of all sizes.


International Phone Cards

Get the lowest rates for high quality national calls by using Nobel 888 and Nobel National physical prepaid calling cards. The Nobel 888 phone card is available through the RATB network and at press stands, and you can find Nobel National card at ZebraPay and un-doi centru de plati.

For international calls with your friends and family abroad, we recommend our Nobel Tel phone card, available through the distribution network of all our partners.

Whichever your choice may be, Nobel phone cards offer the highest calling quality and worldwide connectivity at the lowest rates.

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SMS Solutions

Through our Nobel SMS platform, companies can manage successful SMS mailing campaigns at the most competitive rates.

We provide our clients with international A to Z SMS termination, web based SMS applications, bulk SMS for SMS campaigns and advanced SMS enterprise solutions via API integration, all monitored in real time.

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Voice Services

Our tailored B2B international telecom and call center solutions include Inbound and Outbound voice connectivity services based on our advanced VoIP/TDM network, rented DID/Access numbers, SIP Gateway integration. All these telecom services are monitored by our expert 24/7 Network Operation Center team.

Our services currently support nearly 500 blended contact centers, including a third of the CIS top 50 outbound, top 50 inbound, and top 50 collections firms in the U.S.

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Clients & Partners

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If you want to find out more about our products and services or you want to become our partner, we encourage you to contact us by using one of the methods below:

Toll-free phone no.: 0800 130 130


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